My name is Rachel.  I’m 35 years old, married and in debt.  I’ve started this blog to help keep me accountable and hopefully others will learn from my mistakes.  I’m following a modified version of the Dave Ramsey Plan (i.e. I still contribute to my 401K for the 3% match), watch financial journeys on YouTube and read just about every book about money I can get my hands on.  I have a fantastic full-time job (35 hours a week – soon to be 40 in September) and a part-time job (8-15 hours a week).

My husband and I live in Southern Maine in a beautiful (but small!) condo.  We are looking to build a home in the Spring of 2016.  This is why, more than ever, that we need to get out of consumer debt.  Plus, once a house is built – we get a puppy!  So, essentially I need to get rid of our consumer debt so I can get a puppy…or three.

Please feel free to ask questions, comment, give advice or just come along for the ride.

NO DEBT = PUPPIES (insert gratuitous photos here)


Blue Merle Australian Shepherd


Puppies in basket? C’mon!


This is why I need a hatchback.


The cuteness is killing me.

Okay, if you stuck around through all the puppy pictures, we are kindred spirits. PUPPIES FOR LYFE!

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