Trimming the budget: August 2015

I posted our August budget earlier this month and I’ve been trying to focus on little ways we can trim and tweak the budget.  Here are challenges we’ve come across that I hope to have under control soon:

Pocket money/SWTOR/eating out: My husband is all for kicking this debt to the curb – however, he needs some fun money to keep him going from month to month. He has cut his budget by 60%, so definitely an improvement on his part.
STUPID PHONE BILL: This is our stupid tax. Hubby needed the latest/greatest iPhone. We had the money for the upgrade, but somehow we were talked into paying extra monthly “to save money in the long run.” Every time I pay the darn bill, I curse. Bad, horrible words.
Internet/Cable: We called to cancel the cable and keep the internet. Turns out, they don’t want you to do that. They informed us that our new monthly rate for internet only would be $160. hahahahahahaha

We need internet AND they know that. So, instead of completely kicking them to the curb, they were able to reduce our total bill {previously $126 to the current, $86.56}, no reduction to our services. Oh, did I mention we don’t have ANY other options for internet in our area? Monopoly, much?

What have you done to trim your budget?

2 thoughts on “Trimming the budget: August 2015

  1. I’ve got was similar internet problem. I cut out home expenses, I used to buy lots of décor. Eating out continues to be an expense I struggle with. On the plus side I’ve been sticking to my reduced line item.

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