Side Hustle: August Goal

It’s almost mid-August (where, oh where has the time gone?!) and I need to get my rear in gear to reach my side hustle goals.

Each month, I like to set a goal for side hustle cash. This month the goal is $200.  This amount DOES NOT include my pay from my part-time job.

Ideas for this month:

  • eBay listings
  • sell scrap metal
  • sell goods to online consignment shop*

*I’ve just discovered thredUP  {<–$20 spending money in the affiliate link}.  I’ll do a full review when I get some items sold.

Any ideas for some quick/easy side hustle money?

{ rachel }

3 thoughts on “Side Hustle: August Goal

  1. Awesome! I like the name ‘hustle money’ that’s great!

    Well, I quit buying Monster Energy Drinks (past obsession!!) and freed up $15 a week just by not drinking them 🙂


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