August 2015 budget

Monthly budget time! Here’s August …

Income:  $4620

  • Mortgage $853.08
  • Condo Fees $175.00
  • Car Loan $360.00
  • Car/Condo Ins $103.00
  • Dental Ins $105.71
  • Electric $131.66
  • Natural Gas $18.58
  • Sewer $75.00
  • Internet/Cable $86.56
  • Cell Phones $181.92
  • Gas $140
  • Food $300
  • Chase $279
  • Citi $30
  • YCFCU $54
  • BB $25
  • Student Loan $50
  • Care Credit $340
  • NECU $755.86
  • Paypal $170.64
  • Pocket Money $80
  • Eating Out $50
  • SWTOR $14.99
  • Sinking Funds $240
    • Car Maintenance $120
    • Medical $80
    • Union Fees $10
    • Clothing $30

Things to note:

  1. Sewer bill is quarterly.  We do NOT have a sinking fund because it is a manageable amount and doesn’t throw our budget for a loop.  This is the same for our water bill, which is about $37 quarterly {paid last month}.
  2. Natural Gas is our heating bill.  And yes, we know it isn’t winter.  Our provider charges a monthly fee for “maintaining” the lines/meters during off season.  We’ve discussed turning it off, but there is a cancellation fee of $150.  Paying the $18.58 a month saves us money overall – but its super annoying.
  3. Sinking Funds: We roll these funds over each month as a mini-savings account to help ease the burden on our budget.  However, we do have a limit on the medical and clothing funds.  We don’t keep more than $500 in the medical (we recently depleted due to a day-surgery) and $400 in the clothing.  The clothing is 95% work related clothing for my husband (steel-toe boots, safety gear) and tax deductible!

GOAL:  Payoff TWO cards {Care Credit and NECU} this month.  Hallelujah! I’ll update later on plans I have and challenges we’ve come across trying to trim our budget.   { rachel }

3 thoughts on “August 2015 budget

  1. Ok, I’m just gonna put this out there since you did……

    Mortgage 150,000 (approx. but house is worth over 300,000)
    HELOC 99,000 (YES, you read that right – we needed to do MAJOR work to our house about 8
    years ago and are going to be paying that puppy off FOREVER
    Car 13,000 (we are snowballing this one so once we get that paid off we will work on the

    Thats it…..other than many things that STILL need to be done around the house – our problem is we are in our early 50’s & 60’s respectively (I’M the 50’s by the way, lol) so I commend you for dealing with this much, much earlier than we did!!!


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